Apostle Marlon and Prophet Carol Ramírez

Apostle Marlon Ramírez 


He was born in Mexico City.

The Lord rescued him from 25 years of addiction of drugs and a life of pain. This made him sensitive and compassionate to the needs of people.

God calls him to the ministry when he worked for the most important restaurants in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

When he married his wife Carol, in 2010, the Lord gives him “Holy Spirit and Fire to the Nations Ministries".

He starts a radio program called:" Radio Fire".

He is a man with an apostolic calling, with a passion for the lost.

In August 2014 he graduates from Peter Wagner Institute in” Bachelor in Practical Ministry". 

Prophetess Carol Andrade de Ramírez 


She was born in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

She studied Business engineering with a master degree in Business Management.

The Lord rescued her from a generational curse of schizophrenia.

God called her to the ministry when she was 22 years old.

She started preaching the Word of God in her country and then the Lord called her to the city of Chicago,where she started with her husband Marlon Ramírez, Holy Spirit and Fire to the Nations Ministries.


She started a ministry for women called:" Women of Glory".

Is a woman with a passion for worship and with a prophetic calling to equip the saints.